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​about us

Designing a social system where people living in the futurecan live with peace of mind.

HANABENI is dedicated to designing innovative social systems that enable people to live with peace of mind in the future. We respond flexibly to the ever-changing world, building upon a solid foundation. Our goal is not just technological progress, but contributing to the welfare of society as a whole and a sustainable future.

​ project

HANABENI provides IT management services and

With consulting as the main axis, professionals and companies,

We are also working to solve various social issues.

Problems that have become permanent and are no longer visible

Multilateral judgment and solution.


HANABENI is a small company that has just started,

Each employee becomes rich,

We aim to be an excellent company recommended by the world.


We hope that our growth will bring better prosperity to people, society, and the future.

looking for someone who believes and who can empathize with it.



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