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Realization of a society where work and life are in harmony

Globalization is progressing rapidly in the form of expanding imports and exports and overseas expansion of companies as governments around the world progress in trade liberalization negotiations. is lowering physical and geographical barriers for consumers and companies to collect and disseminate information, accelerating globalization, and significantly transforming peoples lives and industries.

Under these circumstances, peoples awareness of work styles and the environment are not necessarily able to adapt to changes in the socioeconomic structure (declining birthrate, aging population, IT, globalization, etc.), and we are facing the reality that it is difficult to balance work and life.

A healthy and prosperous life where everyone can work with a sense of fulfillment and fulfillment, fulfilling their responsibilities at work, and have time for hobbies, child care, nursing care, and personal time for family, community, self-development, etc. To achieve this, society as a whole must aspire to achieve harmony between work and life.


Work-life balance and economic growth are the two wheels of a cart, and it is important for the nation to have young people become economically independent and participate in the labor market by demonstrating their motivation and abilities regardless of gender or age. It will increase vitality and growth potential and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

A society in which work and life are in harmony is defined as each individual working with a sense of fulfillment and fulfillment, fulfilling his or her responsibilities at work, and at each stage of life, such as child-rearing, middle-aged and elderly, etc., at home and in community life. A society in which people can choose and realize a variety of lifestyles according to their needs.

In particular,

(1) A society where people can become economically independent through employment People who need economic independence, especially young people, can work energetically, can work in a way that allows them to become economically independent, and realize their hopes regarding marriage and child-rearing. A society that can secure an economic foundation for living toward such things as

(2) A society where people can secure time for a healthy and prosperous life A society where working people can maintain their health and enjoy quality time with family and friends, as well as time for self-development and participation in community activities. A society where you can live comfortably.


(3) Diverse ways of working and living are available Opportunities are provided for everyone to take on the challenge of various ways of working and living with their own motivation and abilities, regardless of age or sociability. A society in which people can choose from a variety of flexible working styles according to their circumstances, such as when they need to care for their parents, and where fair treatment is ensured.


Each individual thinks about how to balance work and life, plays an active role in the family and community, and considers the work style behind the products and services that consumers want, and helps each other. By working together, we aim to revitalize not only the region but also the entire society.



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