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Brain Clear
brain clear

100% productivity improvement, 80% risk reduction, 70% work load reduction! ?
application management system for professionals

(Employment-related grant application version)

We provide full support for applications for employment-related subsidies (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) on behalf of lawyers and social workers.

Together with lawyers who have applied for thousands of grants,

I created a system that can reach the itchy place.

Work efficiency is improved by separating the roles of humans and machines and having them specialize in their respective roles.

Although there are many specialized elements and it seems difficult to automate, we have made it possible to improve overall work efficiency by separating the roles of humans and machines and constructing stress-free joints.

Main function

・Browsing subsidy information for each fiscal year

・Management of customer, office and employee information

・Status management for each subsidy course

・Customer, labor department, action management within the office

・Sending emails to customers (implementing templates for each subsidy course)

・Required documents and checklists for each subsidy course

・Send missing documents/confirmation email

・Automatic generation of application documents for planning and payment

・Information sharing plaza regarding applications between professionals, etc.

Patented (Patent 7038273)
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